4th Grade

4th Grade

Welcome to Grade 4

We are glad you have chosen Southwest Primary Learning Center for your child’s education. Children have boundless curiosity. They are brimming with questions. We listen and give them the tools to find their answers. Our approach combines traditional classroom methodologies combined with personal technology in the classroom and cooperative learning opportunities in the Smart lab.

Working with parents as our partners, our goals are to help students:

§  Attain high academic achievement

§  Develop a positive sense of self

§  Cultivate a love of learning

§  Be kind and model good citizenship

We believe in the competency of all children. By providing a positive, engaging secure setting, every child is given the opportunity to discover his/her whole self in relation to the world around them and reach their very best potential.

Monthly Classroom Newsletter [PDF]

4th Grade Class Schedule [PDF]

ar book finder.jp
Use AR Book Find to find the reading level of any book.

Typing Club
Typing Club

Our first typing program for practice and skill building!

typing race
Typing Races

Our advanced typing program for building for extra practice and building speed.

Use MobyMax to practice math basic facts and develop skills.

Mr Fox
4th Grade Summer Reading Project