Two female students hugging and laughing

A Small School Makes a Big Difference

At SSLC, you’re never just another face in the crowd. Read more
Student filming for a Smart Lab project

In Smart Lab, Students Choose How to Learn

The SSLC Smart Lab is a place for hands-on, collaborative learning where students can explore their interests. Read more
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Two Different Ways Dual Enrollment Can Help You

Whether you know where you’re headed or just want to explore, dual enrollment opens doors. Your parents have been askingRead more
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What Makes SSLC Unique?

Blended learning offers the best of two worlds. Pop quiz: What is Southwest Secondary Learning Center? Is it (A) anRead more
Girl working on a project in STEAM Lab

Top Five Best Things About STEAM Learning

Hands-on learning at SSLC is a different way to do school. Have you ever built a rocket? Designed a newspaper?Read more
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Have You Heard of Dual Enrollment?

Get college degree credits for free before you finish high school. Your phone screen lights up with a new message.Read more