There are a lot of elementary schools in Albuquerque, both public and private.  Choosing between them for your child is important!  The right learning environment will nurture their minds and their social abilities, while also encouraging them to enjoy learning for years to come.

Of course, not all elementary schools are right for all children.  Each has different positives and negatives, and which is “right” really boils down to your child and their temperament.  That’s the most important thing to keep in mind when evaluating your options – especially regarding these key factors you should always bring up in discussions with potential schools.

Five Important Deciding Factors When Choosing Between Elementary Schools in Albuquerque 

  1. Academic success

The most important aspect of any elementary school is its overall success rate.  In particular, if you’re looking at private or charter schools, ask them for information about how well their children fare, or what awards they’ve won.

  1. The learning environment

Some schools are relatively strict, holding to traditional types of classes and classroom discipline.  Others, such as the Montessori-style schools, are more freeform and focus on giving the child opportunities to explore learning on their own terms.  Either approach can work; this one boils down entirely to which environment you think would work best with your child’s personality and temperament.

  1. Support options

Does your child need extra physical or emotional support?  It’s vital to bring this up whenever meeting with school administrators.  If your child has special needs, you should look for schools that focus on those needs or at least have experience successfully teaching similar students in the past.

  1. Extracurricular activities and other facilities 

It’s never too early to encourage your child to explore their talents and interests!  A good elementary school in Albuquerque should have options for extracurricular activities, or other facilities for sports or the arts.  Look for a school whose facilities match your child’s existing interests.

  1. Parental involvement

Finally, ask about how involved you would be in the learning process.  Some schools encourage parental involvement, others prefer to carve out a separate learning space.  Again, either approach can potentially work, just depending on your preferences, as well as your child’s level of comfort without you around.

Southwest Learning Center Charter Schools in Albuquerque

Southwest Learning Center Charter Schools in Albuquerque offer a top-tier reform-model elementary school program, with a long history of successful students.  We also offer distance-learning classes during the outbreak.  Please contact us to learn more.