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With a new year fast approaching, it’s time to make resolutions for the next 365 days. Your New Year’s Resolutions don’t have to be an entirely solitary affair, though; there are many promises and initiatives you can make as a family. If you’re wondering how to involve every member of your family this year, from Mom and Dad to the kids still attending charter schools in Albuquerque, then here are a few concrete ideas for resolutions to make.

Can you commit to family time?

Families are busier than ever these days, so it’s a great idea to resolve to spend more time together as a family. You might commit to all eat dinner at the same time, keep electronics off the table during meals, or dedicate time each week for a family activity like game night. Whatever you decide, resolving to have more family bonding time can have a lasting positive impact and draw your family closer together.

What about changing your diet?

It’s no secret that not all families practice the healthiest diets. If your family is one of them, you might commit to following a more sustainable diet from now on. Your resolution might be as simple as “No more sugary sodas,” or it could be as wide-ranging as getting the whole family to follow a consistent diet like weekly vegetarian days. Getting your entire family to eat a healthier diet can yield tangible, nutritional benefits.

Can you encourage manners?

Common decency and good manners might feel like a novelty these days. One great option for your family’s New Year’s Resolutions is to commit to being kind and courteous to those around you. You might want to watch simple things like dinner table behavior or larger issues like the language you use around each other.

Get the Right Education at Our Albuquerque Charter Schools

Making a shared commitment as a family can help your child start the year off right. The right education can continue to make a positive impact on your family. At Southwest Learning Centers, your child will receive the best education available from any public or private school in New Mexico. Contact us today for more information about our charter school programs in Albuquerque.