With the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the globe, it’s no surprise that many parents are concerned about sending their children to in-person school. At Southwest Learning Centers, we offer online learning for our students grades 4-8.

What can you and your child expect with online learning at our Albuquerque charter schools?

100% Online, Live Learning With a Teacher

When you enroll your child at Southwest Learning Centers charter schools in Albuquerque, your child will get the same individualized, high-quality education as they would in the classroom. Your child will have regular assignments, monitored participation, and ample assistance from instructors on all core subjects, extra classes, and virtual community-based activities.

Help Your Child Build Routine During Uncertain Times

In times such as these, it is important to your child’s well-being to have structure and routine to maintain a sense of normality. With our online learning programs, your child will have a structured schedule to keep them on task and constantly learning.
Southwest Learning Center is one of the most highly regarded charter schools in Albuquerque, where your child will learn time management, emotional and social strategies, and self-exploration all while benefiting from a healthy routine.

Digital After School Activities

Southwest Charter Schools offers virtual afterschool activities! From dance, online coding, games, art classes, and chatting with friends, your child will experience the social aspect of online learning with our digital afterschool programs.

Set Your Child Up For Success with Southwest Learning Centers

We believe in providing modern solutions to current issues. We offer online learning for students during the COVID-19 pandemic.

At Southwest Learning Centers, your child will receive the best education available from any public or private school in New Mexico. Contact us today for more information about our charter school programs.