My name is Emily Key. I have been in the field of education for 9 years. I am endorsed in TESOL, Social Studies, Reading, and Language Arts. I have received my Master’s in Educational Leadership. My journey in education has led me to attain many quality certificates and trainings in GLAD, ADDvantage math, Jenson Social-emotional learning, AIMS4s3 and more. My educational philosophy is that every student has strengths and talents that can contribute to society in a meaningful and impactful way. I believe that there are many different learning styles, and they should all be honored in the classroom. I use many different modalities of teaching to ensure that students are getting the very best education possible. I also believe that interest-based learning ensures students are motivated and excited to progress in academics. I want students to learn how to become advocates for themselves improve their self-awareness to allow students begin to understand how they learn best. With this knowledge they can replicate the conditions they need to be successful in real life scenarios. If students learn good study habits now, then they will have greater chances of success later in life. I do this through a variety of graphic organizers and strategies that are proven to increase comprehension and critical thinking skills.