Welcome to 6th Grade 2020-2021 School Year

Welcome to a new school year! We are excited to get to know not only your child, but you as well! Having parental support and open lines of communication is an essential part of a successful school year. Together WE make a team! Mrs. Bachechi is the Math and Science teacher. Mrs. Knight is the Language Arts and Social Studies teacher.

Here is Mrs. Knight and Mrs. Bachechi’s plan whether we are online, hybrid or in the school building. We feel consistency will be the key to success this year. A regular routine will be established with the students, so they are firmly aware of what to expect each day and what needs to be accomplished during the given timelines.

We will be using Google Classroom this year to most if not all work. Your child will receive a Google Classroom account by us that will allow access to textbooks online, Scholastic News, and all assignments. We will practice the different ways to submit work correctly.

Main resources you should bookmark:

www.sslc-nm.com – school website that will connect you to school updates, newsletters, and PowerSchool.

PowerSchool – your child’s grades will be updated weekly. Please check once a week. If you cannot get access please let a teacher know or call the school office, Veronique can help you access your child’s account. There is a link on the school website.

enVision Math – is one of the math curriculums we will be utilizing with Math Mammoth and supplemental material. Your child will be provided a paper copy of the textbook at a later date. Homework completed as requested may be submitted via scan or you may take a picture and submit. Please take consideration on when you submit via photo.

SuccessMaker – will be used in both math & ELA as a daily warm-up. If you are not familiar with the program it is an adaptive K-8 math and reading intervention program. The program personalizes learning paths for mastery of essential reading and math concepts with the intention of turning struggle into success.

PearsonRealize/My Perspectives – Your child’s Language Arts textbook. They will have a paper copy that they may choose to work in, take photos and upload when completed, or they can complete all work online and submit. Tests and quizzes will be completed online.

Scholastic News – Weekly assignments accessed through Google Classroom.

Science does not have a textbook. We will be completing projects, tasks, assignments, and research using several different resources.

Social Studies does not have an online textbook, I will be creating an online curriculum for World History this year.

App Pearson Bounce Pages Download – onto a phone or tablet (Apple or Android) the program Pearson Bouncepages. Using the app take a virtual photo of the front page of the assignment you are working on. A tutorial video pops up – your own personal virtual math tutor – that will review the math concept. If you do not have a printout, it will work on your computer just make sure the entire page is visible. This program only works with Pearson products. Bouncepages will also be available for ELA, if you child chooses to start with a paper copy but wants to use the computer to complete the assignment they can make that shift.