Thank You For Considering Us For Your Child’s Education!

Southwest Preparatory is a tuition-free, college-preparatory charter school for students in grades 4-8, with a mission of excellence. We strive to create life-long learners using advanced technologies, accelerated curriculum, and innovative learning methods within a small community.

Who Should Apply?

All students with a strong commitment to developing the skills ultimately needed to be successful in higher education and beyond.

Is Our Program Right For Your Child?

  • Yes, if you are looking for an accelerated college preparatory curriculum.
  • Yes, if you are excited about using advanced technology as a tool for learning.
  • Yes, if you want your student to study Spanish at an early age.
  • Yes, if your child loves participating in Physical Education, Media Arts, and STEM.
  • Yes, if your child enjoys off-campus learning in the community.
  • Yes, if you and your child support our school values.
  • Yes, if you support homework completion and building good study habits as a key to success.
  • Yes, if you believe that your child’s attendance and engagement inspire a life-long learner.

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SPLC 2023-2024 New Student Enrollment Process

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SPLC 2023-2024 School Calendar