Community-Based Activities (CBA’s) are an essential piece of the 7th and 8th grade model at SPLC. These activities give our students the opportunity to explore and expand on their knowledge of New Mexico and the area around them. In 7th grade, students visit different historical sites and cultural centers that provide them with unique experiences and real-life learning about our state’s history. In 8th grade, the focus shifts to service and community building, along with more outdoor, physical elements of exploration. During CBA’s students participate in hands-on learning opportunities through different educational programs and projects aligned with key state standards. Further research projects and assignments following each CBA help students continue their learning about our state.

Community-Based Activities are also an important component of grades 4 – 6 where classes get to explore the Albuquerque area. In the past, we’ve had our classes learn from the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish to understand our water systems, wildlife, and human impact on the environment. We also get to go fishing! Every year we attend a few performances at Popejoy Hall. Students watch plays, dances, and musical concerts. We also take advantage of the Albuquerque Biopark by visiting the zoo, botanical gardens, and aquarium. Our students enjoy visiting the Natural History Museum, the Nuclear Science Museum, and getting to explore New Mexico’s history in these interactive environments. All of our trips are at no cost to families and all students are welcome to attend.