Southwest Preparatory is committed to keeping our doors open and following PED and Department of Health guidelines.

Please review the PowerPoint to learn more about our Covid Safe Practices.

The New Mexico PED has established a voluntary student surveillance test program.  The Vault system is a no-cost, non-invasive, saliva test you will perform at home via Zoom with a provider.  It is a PCR laboratory test that produces more reliable results than rapid at-home tests.

  • Sharing results of student testing is VOLUNTARY!  If you are willing to share your results to help with case tracking, please send to our Covid Point Person, Lisa Mora, at
  • Results remain confidential.  If your test is negative, only numbers will be reported to the state with no personal information.  Positive cases should be reported immediately so we can isolate close contacts.  Personal information is NOT shared, and close contacts are notified they were exposed without revealing who is the positive case.
  • Register for your FREE Covid test here:

Here are some tips to help you with the process:

  • You will only need to set up an account the first time.  Record your log-in credentials for future use!
  • Have your insurance card handy to enter information, but there is NO out-of-pocket cost associated with the test.
  • Those without insurance can still register at no cost.
  • You will choose the address you want your test shipped to.  It arrives overnight via UPS.
  • Sign in to your account when you are ready to take the test and click “meet with a provider.”
  • Do not begin until you are on the Zoom link with a provider.
  • You must drop the kit off at any UPS location for return shipping within 24 hours of providing your sample.
  • You can opt in to receive email notifications for your order, when your sample is received, and when your results are available.

If your child is experiencing symptoms of Covid-19, please refer to the decision tree from the NM PED toolkit below. If your child experiences allergies and has symptoms to include congestion and/or runny nose, a note from a doctor describing the symptoms as baseline will allow your child to be at school.

School Staff and Student Decision Tree

If your student tests POSITIVE for Covid-19, please inform us as quickly as possible so we can identify and quarantine close contacts.  We are required to report positive cases who were infectious while on campus to the NM PED and Department of Health.  Your personal information is NOT shared with staff or students, and close contacts are simply notified they were exposed so they can take precautionary measures.

Because we share a building with Southwest Secondary, all families in our community are notified there was a positive case in the building, and any close contacts identified are contacted separately.

Please direct any questions or positive case reports to: Lisa Mora at