Southwest Secondary Learning Center GraduationRequirements

The successful completion of a minimum of twenty-four and one half units aligned to the state academic content and performance standards shall be required to earn a New Mexico diploma of excellence. These units shall be as follows:

  1. Four units in English, with major emphasis on grammar, nonfiction writing and literature;
  2. Four units in mathematics, of which one shall be the equivalent to or higher than the level of algebra 2
  3. Three units in science, two of which shall have a laboratory component;
  4. Four and one-half units in social science, which shall include United States history, geography, world history, one-half unit government, one-half unit economics and one-half unit of New Mexico history;
  5. One unit in physical education, as determined by each school district, which may include a physical education program that meets state content and performance standards or participation in marching band, junior reserve officers’ training corps or interscholastic sports sanctioned by the New Mexico activities association.
  6. One unit in one of the following: a career cluster course, workplace readiness or a language other than English.
  7. One-half unit of health education; and
  8. Six and one half elective units that meet department content and performance standards*.

*All SSLC 9th and 10th grade students will be required to enroll in Smart Lab for elective credit. 11th and 12th grade students’ enrollment in Smart Lab will be dependent upon enrollment in Dual Credit classes and/or elective need.

In addition, by state law, in order to graduate with a New Mexico Public School diploma of excellence, students must demonstrate competency in five areas:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Mathematics
  • Science, and
  • Social Studies

The primary way a student graduating in spring of 2019 shows competency in these areas is by passing the PARCC (Math, Reading/Writing), SBA (Science) assessments and passing End of Course exams as required.