Southwest Preparatory is a unique charter school that incorporates Spanish language instruction starting in 4th grade! This program welcomes all levels, from native speakers to immersed learners and beginners. Lessons combine teacher instruction, hands-on and project-based learning, and online instruction that is developmentally appropriate for each grade level. There are also Spanish-speaking guest speakers who come into the classroom to talk with students about topics that are important to our communities. Topics include piñata crafting, empañada baking, tamales making, and New Mexico storytelling. If you would like to participate, please contact the Spanish teacher. Parent participation is highly encouraged and welcomed in the Spanish program.

Recent Community Based Activities and SPLC community events include:

UNM AY! MUNDO Conference

Festival de Bellas Artes at the Hispanic Cultural Center

  • Festival de Bellas Artes
  • A multi-cultural festival of music and dance for Albuquerque area schools.
  • Festival de Bellas Artes was created to nurture skill and appreciation for multicultural music and dance among the youth of Albuquerque. This annual festival celebrates and honors students’ cultures, and motivates and rewards students who have worked hard to develop their artistic ability throughout the school year. Through performances and workshops, it is our hope that students leave the festival with a broader understanding of the world and its artistic styles, and the inspiration to reach for even higher levels of artistry.

Dia de Los Muertos/Day of the Dead School Community Event

Students learn about the Spanish culture and language through this activity which includes the history of the Day of the Dead especially in Latin America. Students are invited to participate in this school based activity during the month of October.

Día de Acción de Gracias School Community Event

Students and families are provided an opportunity to create a “Thankful Tree” which promotes the act of being grateful for many different things. Students, parents, families, and staff are encouraged to write thankful notes to be added to the tree throughout the month of November. This culminates in an evening where students, families and staff are invited to a community potluck to share their favorite fall meals. It is a beautiful event that brings the community together.