My name is Barbara Skelecz, I was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary, after graduation I have chosen Spanish Philology, it studies Spanish Language Arts, Literature and Culture. As from the beginning I was interested on the languages I dedicated all my extra time after school for languages. Nowadays after my mother language (Hungarian) I speak 6 foreign languages such as German, French, Spanish, English, New Greek and Portuguese.

The other part of me was always connected to any kind of sport. In College I was cheerleader and in 2016 we won the 2nd place in the Europe Cup of Cheerleading in Austria. I practiced almost all sports and once I arrived here to Albuquerque I was Volleyball coach, Soccer coach in my earlier school. Now in Southwest Secondary Learning Center I was coaching our Soccer team.

My husband is from Spain from origin and when we were living there he introduced me into the Soccer Referee´s world.

I did the National Referee Academy, and I had chance to initiate my career there. They have chosen me to the Future Women Referees team, but as my husband got an opportunity to work here in the United States, we decided to come.

From then I recovered my level and I hope next season I´ll be refereeing in PRO games.

My goals are to be a National Board Certified Teacher soon, and have family one day here in Albuquerque.

I truly believe that the keyword to learn anything is motivation. I enjoy all type of creativity and I really wish that you´ll multiply everything what you just learn in SPLC. I look forward to do amazing things together because we all learn from each other.