Thank you for considering us for your child’s education!
Southwest Preparatory and Southwest Secondary are tuition-free, college preparatory schools with a mission of excellence. We strive to create life-long learners using advanced technologies, accelerated curriculum, and innovative learning methods within a small community.
All students with a strong commitment to developing the skills ultimately needed to be successful in higher education and beyond.

  • Yes, if you are looking for an accelerated college preparatory curriculum.
  • Yes, if you are excited about using advanced technology as a tool for learning.
  • Yes, if you support homework completion and building good study habits as a key to success.
  • Yes, if you want your student to study Spanish at an early age.
  • Yes, if you believe that your child’s attendance and engagement inspire a life-long learner.
  • Yes, if your child loves participating in Physical Education, Media Arts, and STEM.
  • Yes, if your child enjoys off-campus learning in the community.
  • Yes, if you and your child support our school values.

Click the link below to complete a Letter of Intent for student enrollment.
Complete the SPLC 2018-2019 Letter of Intent online


Southwest Preparatory and Southwest Secondary are charter schools for all families who feel we are a good fit for their children. Since enrollment interest often exceeds enrollment capacity of the school, it’s important you take the following steps to enroll:

  • Parents wishing to enroll their student(s) must submit an electronic Letter of Intent.
  • At the conclusion of the fall semester, all new letters of intent received will be placed into the lottery pool for the subsequent year.
  • In March of the subsequent year, we will hold a lottery to determine acceptance to our schools or placement on our waiting list.
  • You will be notified by email if you are accepted and will have 1 week to confirm your wish to enroll.
  • We will hold a <em”>Mandatoryorientation meeting in March/April to introduce our school and complete enrollment processes, including academic testing for your child.

Southwest Preparatory and Southwest Secondary enrollment policies prohibit discrimination on the basis of disability, race, creed, color, gender, national origin, religion, or need for special education services.

As per New Mexico State statute, the lottery will be governed by the following guidelines:

  • If a student is chosen in either school’s lottery and there is a sibling who is eligible to attend that same school, the sibling will be given preference for the following school year.
  • Students selected to enroll in Southwest Preparatory or Southwest Secondary will be able to re-enroll for the following school year in the same school, provided the family has completed and returned by the deadline a “Letter of Intent to Return” and the student is in good standing at the school.
  • Parents interested in moving their child from Southwest Preparatory to our on-site high school, Southwest Secondary, must complete an electronic Letter of Intent as students are not guaranteed a position there without going through a separate lottery process.