Join the Storm

Students at Southwest Secondary Learning Center can participate in team sports through the Albuquerque Charter School League. Specific sports are added or removed from year to year depending on interest and participation.

In the 2023–2024 term, we are offering:

  • Co-ed soccer
  • Boys Basketball
  • Girls Basketball
  • Boys Volleyball
  • Girls Volleyball
  • E-Sports
SSLC Storm Volleyball Team laying on their backs with their heads forming a circle

If a sport or activity is not available at SSLC, students can play for their district’s public school instead. Learn more here: NMAA Scholastic Eligibility. Students who are interested in a particular sport are also welcome to suggest it and help build a team.

For questions about our current sports offerings or how to start a team, contact our Athletic Coordinator, Ben Aragon, at 505-296-7677.

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