CNM/UNM Dual Credit Program

Students at Southwest Secondary Learning Center have the opportunity to take college classes while attending high school. At most Albuquerque schools, dual enrollment credits only count toward electives, not core classes like Math or English. At SSLC, students earn core credit toward graduation for each college credit earned through dual enrollment. This allows our students to complete high school and college courses simultaneously without needing to double up on classes.

Dual enrollment allows students to test-drive college-level academics while still receiving the support of SSLC’s teachers and resources. This program is also subsidized by the state, so tuition and books are free while a student remains enrolled at SSLC.

How Can a Student Qualify for Dual Enrollment?

Students can earn dual credits with either Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) or the University of New Mexico (UNM). To qualify for the program, students must:

  • Be in 10th grade (CNM) or 11th grade (UNM)
  • Be in good academic standing
  • Take the Accuplacer assessment to be placed at an appropriate level of study

We work closely with our students, helping them choose classes that fit their goals and providing support throughout the semester.

How Does Dual Enrollment Work?

Once a student has been enrolled at either UNM or CNM, they will begin taking classes as a student at that school’s campus. For UNM, this would be the main campus in Albuquerque. For CNM, it can be any branch in the Albuquerque metro area. They can also earn dual enrollment credits through online classes at either college. We’ll structure their other class schedules around these courses to ensure there are no scheduling conflicts and there will be ample time to complete assignments.

The number of credits a student can receive through dual enrollment is limited only by their academic and scheduling needs. Some of our students accrue enough credit hours to receive an associate’s degree before high school graduation. Students who wish to continue their education in a more advanced degree program can transfer their credits to any college in New Mexico and most colleges outside the state.

You can learn more about CNM’s available programs, or contact us at (505) 296-7677 with any questions.

If you’re ready to take your education further with dual enrollment, SSLC is here to guide you. Apply online today to get started and see what makes SSLC different.