All our curriculum is fully capable of being taught online with live teacher instruction, feedback, and communication in all content areas, and we are prepared to assist families in need of appropriate technology at home. We are committed to providing a framework of learning that is engaging and fits individual student needs, whether learning from home or in a classroom. Student academic, social, emotional, and safety needs are a priority within our charter school!

Events and Annoucements

The mission of the Southwest Preparatory Learning Center is to sustain a high-performing learning community.

The goals for the Southwest Secondary Learning Center is to prepare students in grades 7-12 to become self-motivated, independent, competent, life-long learners. Students will be equipped with the reading, writing, mathematical, technological and problem solving skills necessary for success in post-secondary education and personal career choices.

Through a long-term commitment to this mission, we will be known as a school that can offer quality alternative learning opportunities for all students. Students, parents and community will see the school as offering challenging and creative learning environments for students.