Thank you for considering Southwest Secondary Learning Center for your student! There are 3 steps to our admissions process.

Step 1: New Student Application

Students are admitted to Southwest Secondary Learning Center through a lottery process that is held in March of each year.  To participate in the lottery, you need to submit an electronic New Student Application (below).


Step 2: Seat Offer

If your student’s name is drawn, congratulations! You will receive an email to offer a seat to your student. You must respond to the email or call to accept the offer and reserve your seat.

Step 3: Online Registration

Registration for the upcoming school year begins in June.  Once you accept our seat offer, you will receive an email in June with directions to register your student online and make an appointment with your sponsor teacher.  The registration appointment will be during the first part of August and will go over everything you need to know about Southwest Secondary.  This is the final registration step.

Students on the Waitlist

If enrollment applications exceed capacity, your student’s name will be placed on a waitlist.  You will be notified by email to offer a seat as one becomes available.

Applying during the School Year

You may submit a New Student Application for the current school year at any time.  You will be notified by email if we have a seat available.

The Fine Print

Southwest Secondary enrollment policies prohibit discrimination based on disability, race, creed, color, gender, national origin, religion, or need for special education services.

As per New Mexico State statute, the lottery will be governed by the following guidelines:

1. If a student is on the waitlist for Southwest Secondary and there is a sibling who is enrolled, that student will be given preference and his waitlist position will move up until a seat becomes available.

2. Returning students will be able to register for the following school year provided the family has completed and returned by the deadline a Returning Student Application and the student is in good standing at the school.  Parents will be notified when the Returning Student Application becomes available in the second semester.

3. If you wish to enroll a student in Southwest Preparatory for grades 4-8,  you will have to complete a New Student Application for Southwest Preparatory and go through the lottery process.