Southwest Secondary Learning Center offers year-round credit recovery for non-students. This provides students with an opportunity to catch up on missing credits, brush up on core subjects, or just supplement their learning through online classes.

  • $200 per course
  • Each course provides one half-credit per semester
  • Classes are offered online
  • Students can enroll over the summer or during the school year

Depending on your child’s circumstances, it might make better sense to enroll in SSLC rather than doubling up with online credit recovery.

Benefits of Enrolling at SSLC

As a tuition-free charter school, SSLC allows students the opportunity to learn in a flexible and self-guided environment through online and in-person classes.

We personalize each student’s class schedule to fit their needs, whether that means accommodating a part-time job or helping them fast-track their graduation. Our students can also take advantage of dual enrollment as a way to receive high school credit for college classes, allowing them to catch up and get ahead without doing twice the work.

Student working on credit recovery classwork on a laptop at home

Choosing the Best Path for Your Child’s Future

There are plenty of reasons a person might fall behind in their coursework. But a bad semester doesn’t have to derail your child’s education.

We can help you find the solution that’s best for your child’s needs, whether that means enrolling full-time with SSLC or paying for a few supplementary classes in our online credit recovery program.

You may register now by downloading and printing the credit recovery/extended learning forms below.

Completed registration forms may be emailed to Dana Smith at, mailed, or brought to our school’s administrative office. Payment can be made in person via cash or in the form of a check made out to Southwest Secondary Learning Center.

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Albuquerque, NM 87112

To learn more about online credit recovery, call us at 505-296-7677.