Are you looking for a school where curiosity is encouraged and rewarded?

Southwest Secondary Learning Center is an Albuquerque charter school offering a blend of tech-based learning and hands-on, self-guided projects aimed at giving kids a chance to explore, innovate, and pursue their passions.

As a small school, we offer a learning environment where students can flourish. Small class sizes mean lots of one-on-one attention and instruction opportunities, and kids can collaborate across all grade levels and learn from one another as well.

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IS SSLC Right for You?

Your education is the cornerstone of your future, but school is about more than academics. Explore our programs below to get a feel for what student life is like at SSLC.

Learn more about our admissions process and get step-by-step instruction on how to apply.

We compete in a variety of sports through the New Mexico Charter League. If you’re interested in a sport we don’t offer, you can play through another school while enrolled at SSLC.

We also offer a number of student clubs and extracurricular activities, from yearbook and student council to board games and an annual STEM competition with a cash prize.

If you have any questions, or wish to schedule a tour of campus, call 505-296-7677.

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