Southwest Secondary Learning Center is a different type of school for Albuquerque students. Tech-based learning and flexible scheduling options provide an alternative to the traditional classroom. We empower students to become partners in their own education through a variety of program offerings:

Tech-Based Learning

The cornerstone of our program is a tech-based approach to learning. Students complete coursework through the Edgenuity platform, which can be accessed online or in-person at our on-campus Main Lab. This style allows students more freedom and flexibility in the way they interact with the material. Students are matched with sponsor teachers who help them in the classroom and keep them on track with self-learning.

Student analyzing a computer chip in the Smart Lab where tech-based learning is the standard.

Smart Lab

In addition to online learning, students receive hands-on instruction in STEAM through group projects completed in our Smart Lab. Students are empowered to choose projects that interest them and decide how to complete them, encouraging skill in critical thinking, problem solving, and teamwork. With access to tools and equipment like a 3D printer, laser engraving machine, t-shirt press and more, students in Smart Lab can gain technical skills that can translate to a career or open up interest in new subjects.

Intensive Support Classes

Additional intensive classes are available for students who need more support in math skills and writing. These classes provide a more traditional learning environment where students can brush up on foundational skills and also engage in classroom discussion. All freshmen are enrolled in these in-person classes to help ease the transition into SSLC.

Credit Recovery

SSLC offers online credit recovery programs and extended learning year-round to help students catch up or get ahead. These classes are available to all Albuquerque high school students, even if they’re not enrolled at SSLC.

Dual Enrollment

Students enrolled at SSLC can earn high school credit while also attending college classes and working toward a degree. Dual enrollment is available through CNM and UNM, and students can graduate high school with an Associate’s Degree if they wish to pursue that route. Classes are free and are offered in the college environment, so students can get a taste of college academics while still drawing on the support of their high school teachers and classmates.

Sports and Physical Education

As part of the Albuquerque Charter League, SSLC fields teams in soccer, basketball, and volleyball. Students can also take physical education classes each semester and have access to our on-site gym facilities.

In addition to athletics, SSLC offers multiple extracurricular clubs and programs including an e-sports team, STEM Challenge team, Model UN, Youth in Government, yearbook committee, and Geek Squad. Students with diverse talents are encouraged to share their passions and pursue their interests. To learn more about what we have to offer, call us at 505-296-7677 to schedule a tour of our campus.